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'Aquarius' bouquet

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Product description

Discover our zodiac bouquets!
Inspired by the signs of the zodiac and in collaboration with astrologer Shana Lyes, discover our collection of zodiac bouquets throughout the months.
The idea? Offer each month the emblematic bouquet associated with one of the 12 signs of the zodiac.
The objective? Allowing you to offer a unique bouquet designed especially for each sign.

This month discover our bouquet inspired by Aquarius.
Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, it is an air sign that is ruled by Uranus, the planet of independence and creativity. It is a sign whose mode of operation is called "fixed" because it was born in the middle of winter, when the frost holds firmly to the ground and the temperatures border on negative. This influences his temperament: Aquarius is supportive, philanthropic, creative and futuristic. He sees the snow as a large white canvas on which he wants to put a whole bunch of colors to paint the world of tomorrow. Avant-garde and eloquent, this sign is an idealist at heart whose genius is manifested by his generosity and his desire to help others. In his darkest sides, we can cite his introversion, even his coldness, with the coat of ice that he wears every day. But he willingly agrees to melt in front of the people who have managed to touch his heart. Its colors are blue, white and silver. The first evokes friendship, the second purity and the last avant-garde.

It is from these characteristics that the artisan florists at Aquarelle imagined this icy and frosty composition. Like a bouquet suspended in time, waiting for the sun to return. White carnations, astrancia and lisianthus embody the purity of snowy landscapes. Eucalyptus is there to purify your interior and evacuate any bad vibes. The blue oxypetalum blooms until frost and reminds us that new things are coming soon, that we must keep hope and joy in our hearts. Here is a bouquet that perfectly suits the determined Aquarius temperament that you are.

Instructions for care

How to keep cut flowers fresh
  • Cut the tie surrounding the stems
  • Clean the stems, removing any leaves that will be immersed in water.
  • Trim the stems according to the height of your vase.
  • Fill the vase with fresh water.
  • Add the sachet of plant food provided.
  • Change the water and trim the stems every 2 days
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Faithful to the picture
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