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This miniature tree is a veritable work of art and will create a beautifully zen Japanese garden in your home. It needs plenty of light and should be watered regularly. It will flourish best if placed outside during the summer months, but not in full sunlight.
And to complete the zen ambiance, we've added a delicious 'Green the' scented candle (190g for a duration of around 50 hours).

6 year old bonsai (height 25 -30 cm) + candle: 44 € instead of 54 €

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Pink Butterfly Orchid

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This beautifully long-lasting 'So Satisfied' phalaenopsis boasts two tall stems covered with delicate flowers in subtle shades of pink and will look just as good in your home or your office... It comes in a stylish lacquered ceramic plant-pot, accompanied by a 'Green tea' scented candle (approximately 16h duration, height 7cm, diameter 5.5 cm).

Orchid height including pot: 50 cm

free scented candle

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50 cm : €49.00

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