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Happy New Year Selection

To celebrate the New Year, Aquarelle’s web site offers bouquets of flowers and boxes of chocolates for delivery all over Belgium.

Product pictured : €33.00

A delicious duo!
A delightful duo, composed of a stylish box of of mouth-watering rochers covered with premium quality Ecuador chocolate and a pretty bouquet of roses to make an unforgettable gift.

33 € : 210g of rochers + 20 roses

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From €33.00

Product pictured : €65.00
So chic !

From €65.00

An exceptional composition!
For a really outstanding gift, our florists have selected these majestic, double stemmed phalaenopsis orchids, the ultimate symbols of luxury and elegance. These graceful plants, with their delicate, pure white flowers, are bedded in a stylish, varnished metal vase to create a beautifully long-lasting gift. Success guaranteed - don't hesitate for a second!

Product pictured: 3 double-stemmed orchids (6 stems) for 65 €
Height : 55 cm including pot.

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From €65.00